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Friday, February 14, 2014

German Translation & Launch for Indigo Awakening

In April 2014, Mira Germany will launch the German translation of Indigo Awakening, the first book in my young adult "Hunted series" with HarlequinTeen. I'm very excited and love the stunning blue cover.

To mark the release, one of my favorite German romance publications - Love Letter Magazine - will do a feature article where they will ask me about my own love life. No pressure there. Whatever I send them--truth or fiction--it will be translated into German for their readers. Very exciting! Love Letter Magazine also has a facebook page. Like it HERE.

I'll have more to come as the release draws closer.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crane on a Plane

As many of you know, I am totally addicted to Fox’s new show Sleepy Hollow, staring British hottie Tom Mison and his strong female co-star, Nicole Beharie. I’ve been a fan of Tom Mison since he stole every scene he was in on the feature film “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” with Emily Blunt and Ewan MacGregor.  I could NOT take my eyes off him and was thrilled to see the creators of Sleepy Hollow got it right when they cast him in the pivotal and iconic role of Ichabod Crane.
With critically acclaimed season 1 about to conclude, I am savoring every promo tidbit that’s coming up, including morsels on season 2. Don’t miss Tom on the LIVE! Kelly and Michael show on Monday, Jan 13th. I believe it is his first live talk show in the US as a leading man. I’ve got my DVR set because I know I will want to watch him over and over. The guy is charming and funny.
Check out my Pinterest Board of my favorite Tom Mison images HERE. Real gems!
In a recent TV interview with Good Day NY, Sleepy Hollow star Orlando Jones hinted at things to come in June when the show starts filming season 2 after the highly anticipated 2-hr finale that will air on Jan 20th. (Be sure to see another new episode “The Vessel” on Monday, Jan 13th.) For the second season, the cast will be filming in NY, Philly, and London. Yes, the fight to save the world from the apocalypse will force our intrepid biblical Revelations witnesses – Ichabod Crane and Lt. Abbie Mills - out of Sleepy Hollow.

And you know what that means—CRANE ON A PLANE. Ichabod will be hitting the big city and will have to fly in a plane to get to London. Oh, Lord. Talk about a fish out of water. A target rich environment for Crane’s befuddlement and stubborn pride that has endeared him to a huge fan base.
I can picture Crane in the iconic Times Square in NYC, staring up at the skyscrapers in his period clothing, spellbound. Mostly I thought about all the Crane-isms for air travel. If you’re a fan of the show, I’m sure you can hear Crane and Abbie’s voices in your head, like I can. No one does moral outrage like our heroic rebel Ichabod Crane. Here are a few quick lines I’ve tweeted – my version of CRANE ON A PLANE:
Crane at the airport:
Crane: “Unhand me, sir. By what right…”
TSA: “I said take off your boots. And you’re only allowed to carry on 3 ounces of liquid.”
Crane: “This is an outrage. I pay for water, endure a 10% levy, now I must weigh it?”
Thirty Minutes Later
Crane: “But it’s metal. You expect me to believe that ridiculous vessel can fly.”
Abbie: “It’s a plane. It flies. Now get onboard.”
Crane: “I’d rather face Moloch.”
In his seat:
Crane: “I had better accommodations when I was buried for 250 years than I do here in 14B.”
Abbie: “But you were dead.”
Crane: “A technicality.”
I love the writers of Sleepy Hollow. They carry off the delicate balance between ramping up the suspense and stakes, while adding the fun tongue-in-cheek humor that has become trademark of the show. Much of that humor is turned into gold in the deft hands of Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane. Tom has great comedic timing and hilarious facial expressions that require no words at all. Sleepy Hollow is the perfect show for Tom to be introduced to the American public and the world.

He’s a hunky pistachio nut. One taste isn’t enough.
On a side note, I hear during the hiatus, Tom Mison will be working on his American accent, to give him more opportunities as a leading man in the U.S. I sincerely hope he doesn’t lose his proper British one. His diction and pronunciation (enhanced from his years on stage and his dramatic training) make him a standout anywhere.

LINK for video. Thanks to Ivet Lightwood for the great video.

Happy 2014, Sleepyheads!