Awards & Recogntions:

INDIGO AWAKENING is voted WINNER of BookTwirps Best of 2012 - Paranormal Category:

IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS made Bookurt's WOOT LIST for 2011. To earn that honor, according to Bookyurt, it has to amp Katie up, geek her out, and leave her ridiculously happy. Katie summed up by saying, "This book took me by storm. I didn't think any YA paranormal could surprise me at this stage, but did this book ever--and wow it packs quite a punch. I've already re-read it twice."

Jen at Fictitious Musings named IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS & ON A DARK WING as "Most Deliciously Awesome Reads of 2011

Emerging Novelists recognized IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS as WINNER of the Best Young Adult Novel of 2011

Booktwirps named IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS as RUNNER UP in the "Best of 2011" Paranormal category.


  1. Who sets up your blog tour or how do you choose blogs for your tour. How does a blog group get on the list?

  2. Hi Ruby. My post at THE KILL ZONE is on the link above. That article will have links to YA Bound, my tour host. Their link is to my sign up page. As far as criteria to choose which sites, I haven't gone through that process yet. The 45 sites who have signed up all look great. We may choose all of them. I don't know. My tour host is guiding me. I hope I answered your questions. Thanks for your interest.