Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twitter Book Giveaway - IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS

Cute Bloggers @SaraJEvans & @CariBlogs found signed IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS at Murder by the Book in Houston! Yay!

I have three FREE copies of my debut Young Adult book - IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS (Harlequin Teen) to give away via Twitter. Contest begins Oct 26 and goes through Halloween. Bwah Ha HAAAA! Rules to enter are on the gadget below. Please spread the word and thanks for your support!

WINNERS....WINNERS....WINNERS!!! Congratulations to the three winners of a signed IN THE ARMS OF STONE ANGELS.

  • Kelly Mills
  • Renee
  • Erica

I've sent an email asking for your mailing addresses. Reply as soon as possible so I can ship the books to you. Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for more contests and exclusives for my followers.

Jordan Dane

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Virtual Book Tour - YA Style (How to Create Advance Buzz)

I wanted to cross post my KILL ZONE article on Virtual Book Tours - YA Style here on my YA blog, but the comments amassing on my other blog are making that link more valuable. If you want to read about my Virtual Book Tour experiences for my upcoming tour for ON A DARK WING (Harlequin Teen, Jan 2012), please click HERE.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Care & Feeding of Authors

By Jordan Dane

Okay, I’ll admit this reads like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but hang with me on this post about writer’s life.

Bears in Alaska are heading into hibernation. The reason I know this is because one of my crazy sisters is hunting brown bear in the Aleutian Islands. She’s been sending photos and funny text messages over her 10-day adventure. She’s not hunting. Her husband pulls the trigger. But being the trooper she is, she dons the appropriate layers against the cold and rain to trudge alongside him, lugging water and food. For added color, she met an interesting man on this hunting expedition—a Romanian billionaire traveling with his body guard. (I’m not the only one in my family who should be writing fiction.) And because she’s my dear sweet sister, she brings books of mine to give away. The photo below is of a woman at the lodge they stayed while they hunted. She is holding my young adult book – In the Arms of Stone Angels (Harlequin Teen, Apr 2011), a cold case murder mystery for teens.

The reason I’m sharing this family story with you is that bears going into hibernation reminded me how I get when I’m in the middle of a project. I’m totally oblivious to EVERYTHING. I’m so vexed on the characters and the world I’m creating that I go without eating or eat weird stuff, forget about sleep, and my capacity for coherent conversation is limited—unless its dialogue.

Simon Wood was a guest on TKZ not long ago. He shared a funny story about how his wife caught him on the sofa watching TV when he should have been writing. He had eaten a bag of chips and had cats sleeping on his chest. Seeing the look in his wife’s eyes, he headed her off by saying he was deep in thought—that he was actually working. (Yeah, right.) But seriously, this is how it can be for a writer. We never stop working. So I’m fairly certain Simon had his brain “sweating to the oldies” as he gorged on Cheetos and snagged quality cat time.

In truth, Simon might have been indulging in another bad habit of author behavior. Snackage. Authors eat stuff and may not even pay attention to what it is. Like drones or Zombies, we are fixated on what’s in our head. It’s nothing personal, but dirty dishes in the sink, dog hair on wood floors, and a growing mass of dirty laundry become invisible. Personally, I call that a gift, but my husband has a different perspective.

So I’ve turned over a new leaf and after John Gilstrap’s fine example of slimming down and focusing on his health, I am in week 2 of a change in diet. Mostly it’s vegan. I eat raw and cooked veggies and legumes with plenty of fruit. No dairy. For those who know me, this is a HUGE change. Before, I considered meat as dessert. I would rather eat meat than even indulge in something sweet. But I’m outing myself on TKZ to say that I am committed to eating better and taking care of my health.

Anyone have a good vegan recipe?

Seriously, I have been more focused on cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. My husband and I actually sit at the dinner table to eat instead of plopping down on the sofa with the TV on. We have semi-real conversations over dinner and not just talk about how to kill people and get away with it (a real crowd pleaser). We may even indulge in a glass of wine now and then. I’ll soon add a regular exercise program into this and not just limit my cardio to fast moving fingers over a keyboard.

For those of you smarter than I am, how do you stay healthy with your hectic schedules? What’s your routine? And I would seriously like to hear if you have any good vegan recipes that aren’t loaded with cheese.

Reckoning for the Dead (Adult thriller, Sweet Justice Book #4) – HarperCollins, Sept 2011 Now Available.

On a Dark Wing (Harlequin Teen, Jan 2012) – Virtual Book Tour Sign-up at YA Bound – Deadline Oct 31st.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sign Up for ON A DARK WING Virtual Book Tour

YA Bound is hosting the virtual book tour for Jordan Dane's ON A DARK WING with Harlequin Teen. Release date is Dec 27, 2011. SIGN UP IS OPEN NOW!

There will be a totally awesome grand prize plus plenty of book giveaways (a special gift will come with every book from character, Abbey Chandler).

For details, visit http://www.yabound.blogspot.com until the tour sign up ends on Oct 30th.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cover Reveal & Virtual Tour Announced - ON A DARK WING

By Jordan Dane

As part of my cover reveal announcement for ON A DARK WING, I want to let everyone know on TeenShiver that the lovely Trisha Wolfe (talented author & avid YA blogger at YA Bound) will be hosting my virtual tour exclusively, along with the support of Harlequin Teen. Stop by YA Bound on Tuesday Oct 4th to see how you and your blog can be FEATURED on our tour.

Now show TeenShiver love to the Angel of Death. Post him, share him & tweet sweet nothings in his ear.

He’s listening.

From the first moment I saw him on my mountain, he mesmerized and controlled me. Now the danger of being with him oozed from every pore of my body, yet I had to come. Nothing could have stopped me from seeing him.

“You asked who I am,” he said. “Look into my eyes, Abbey. You tell me.”

~Abbey Chandler (staring into the eyes of Death) – ON A DARK WING (Harlequin Teen, Jan 2012)