Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Release Day!!

In the Arms of Stone Angels officially releases today. This is always exciting for me. I've already turned in book #2, a standalone YA story, but with the launch of my first YA, it brings back good memories of brainstorming this book with my niece who is an avid reader. I flew her to Oklahoma where I was living at the time and we spent a long weekend, eating sushi and chatting about White Bird and Brenna. And she helped me come up with the faces of each character using the modelmayhem site. Plus we went to the small town in OK that I pictured my fictitious Shawano to look like and we took photos.

I'm not a plotter, so getting me to talk about a book before it's written is not easy. But I wanted to show my niece the process of researching and putting a book together, hoping she'd want to do it sometime too. I still hope she does. She's got the smarts and the storytelling ability to make that happen. We'll see.

I'm celebrating release day with her. And yes, we're having sushi. Brain food.