Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Mystery Guest

One morning, I looked out my front window to see I had a mystery guest sleeping on my front porch. He looked exhausted and he was thin as a rail. I could see his ribcage, big time. But the minute I opened my door to feed him, he took off running down the street. And this boy can really move with those long strides of his.

He must have the power of invisibility because no one in my neighborhood sees him. And as big as he is, that's really saying something. At some point, I started to leave food and water out for him, on my front porch. But the first couple of times I tried to get close to him, he groaned. (Not a growl, just a disinterested moan.) He was trying to tell me to leave him alone, but I really think he needs me. The main thing is to get him healthier. I've contacted a Great Dane rescue group, but if he will let me, I'd love to give him a home.

You want to see a picture of him?

Since he's black & white and reminds me of a police car, I call him CRUISER. These pics I shot of him were taken after me feeding him 8-10 cups of food a day for over two weeks. He's filling out. He still doesn't trust me and won't let me near him, but I'm hoping he will trust me sometime soon. I'd love to give him a home. My other rescue dog - TACO - is much smaller, but she really wants a big bro. She's so quiet around him, doesn't bark at him or raise her hackles, so I think that's a good sign. But our rescue cats won't be so welcoming.

What do you think of my boy, Cruiser?


  1. He's very handsome and he looks so strong. I'm surprised he still won't let you get close; maybe he was abused, but abused dogs are usually more afraid of men.

    G_d bless you for giving him care.

  2. Thanks, Mohamed. He's gone missing now. It's been 3 days since I've seen him. And the food and water are still here. I've called every shelter in the area and have not located him. It's made me very sad. I want to think that someone saw him and took him in, now that I fattened him up a little. That helps me sleep nights. Thanks for your kind comment.