Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Starting Oct 4, 2010 and going through Oct 17th, I will be sharing tips on writing suspense.

Yes, the free online class will be hosted by Coffee Time Romance, but you don't have to prove you're romantic to participate. This is a pure author craft chat.

Just sign on and read, post questions, and join in the discussions. I'll post my notes each day during the first week and if you have specific questions, ask them. Everyone's answers will be posted the following week—October 11-17th.

Here are some topics to be covered.

• Where do story ideas come from and how to start
• How to create characters editors are looking for
• Ten key elements to writing a thriller
• Where do I go for killer research

If this piques your interest, below are the deets:
Coffee Time Romance, Online Writing Class
"Master Class for Writing Suspense"
Join national bestseller & critically acclaimed Jordan Dane when she shares her "Master Class in Writing Suspense." In this unique online class, Dane will provide a comprehensive workshop on writer's craft.

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