Monday, February 21, 2011

The House of Night Vampyre Series

Late last year I was asked to participate in writing an essay for the House of Night series anthology. The House of Night is a vampyre series created by the wonderful mother daughter team of P. C. Cast and her daughter Kristen. Since my first YA book – In the Arms of Stone Angels – has an American Indian teen boy as a central character (and focuses on the Euchee tribe of Oklahoma), I chose to write about the Native American influences in the series—in particular, the Cherokee.

My essay in this book is called “The Magic of Being Cherokee.” This series from the Casts is rich in Cherokee folklore and creatively twists real myths to build on the growing tension as the series progresses with its memorable heroine, Zoey Redbird. And the anthology will have wonderful essays on many other topics to enrich the reading experience, so fans of these novels can uncover the many gems hidden within the pages of this hugely popular vampyre series.

And with permission of the publisher, I am posting the beautiful and mysterious looking cover to Nyx in the House of Night. This cover almost makes it look as if this is a magic book of spells. I can’t wait to have the real deal in my hands.

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