Friday, June 10, 2011

Nyx in the House of Night is OUT TODAY!

If you're a fan of PC & Kristin Cast's House of Night YA Vampyre series, you'll want to add this amazing anthology of essays that will enhance your understanding of the popular series.
Nyx in the House of Night: Mythology, Folklore, and Religion in the P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast Vampyre Series offers fascinating discussions on a diverse range of topics to enhance any reader's enjoyment of the series. And this book is beautifully illustrated.

I contributed with my essay on the "Magic of Being Cherokee," that offers insights into the foundation of the Cherokee culture and beliefs that are woven into this series, making the Vampyre lore in the House of Night unique.

"Introduction: Nyx in the House of Night" --P. C. Cast
"Night in the House of Good and Evil: Nyx's portrayal in the HoN series" -- Karen Mahoney
"The Dangerous Dead: Vampire Mythology in the HoN series" -- John Edgar Browning
"By Their Marks You Shall Know Them" (on tattoos) -- Jana Oliver
"The Divine Cat" -- Ellen Steiber
"Reimagining 'Magic City': How the Casts Mythologize Tulsa” -- Amy H. Sturgis
"The Magic of Being Cherokee" -- Jordan Dane
"Freedom of Choice: Kalona, A-ya, and the Raven Mockers" -- Jeri Smith-Ready
"The Otherworld Is Greek to Me" -- Trinity Faegen
"The Elements of Life" -- Bryan Lankford
"Misunderstood: Multiple Partners in our Matriarchal (and Patriarchal) Past" -- Kristin Cast
"She Is Goddess: Goddess Worship in the HoN Series" -- Yasmine Galenorn
"Worshipping the Female Deity" -- Christine Zika
"Cruithne Mythology and the House of Night" -- P. C. Cast
Behind the House of Night Names

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  1. SmartPop sent me a copy and I read your piece, it was really good. I loved it. I loved everything. If anyone wants to know, the entire book is good. It's amazing how much can actually go into a book through research.

  2. Hey Trista--Love your name and thanks for finding my blog to comment. After I researched the Cherokee, it made me appreciate the House of Night series even more. The depth PC & Kristin put into their series, because of the Native American aspects, really does say a lot about the thought they put into everything. I'm glad you enjoyed it AND the series. Thanks again.

    Jordan Dane