Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Visit Teen Shiver - For YA Books that Make You Shiver!

I'm proud to share my involvement with a new blog geared toward dark YA with Texas writers. Teen Shiver is our brand and our authors write books that make you shiver. Check out our blog site at

As far as I know, we are the only online author group that not only focuses on the genre of YA, but we also have an outreach program within the state we all live. We're reaching out to schools, libraries, and book stores to schedule TeenShiver events as well as signings and speaking engagements to promote literacy, author craft, or whatever our hosts want. We also will maintain contact with the reader/book reviewer bloggers, both in the state and outside our borders, to maximize the promotion of our brand of YA. One stop shopping!

Come see our featured authors. We're adding new ones soon.

For anyone wanting to contact us for book reviews, questions on how to join TS, or to book an event, we have instructions on our CONTACT page. We hope you'll follow us and sign up for our e-newsletter for exclusives on our authors. With the top notch publishers we have, they pledge their support and have fun things planned for virtual tours. I hope you'll stop by.

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