Monday, November 28, 2011

ON A DARK WING Tour Schedule Announced!

On Dec 19 through Jan 2, 2012, the fabulous YA debut author Trisha Wolfe of the YA Bound blog will host my ON A DARK WING virtual book tour. We had over 50 blogs wanting to host a stop so we will have a BLAST tour format. My dark angel will be everywhere. Be on the lookout.

Here is the LINK for the tour schedule. Check out all the great blogs and tour stops planned. We'll have loads of reviews, character interviews (including one with Death), the inspirations behind the book, Dream OADW Film Cast and plenty of excerpts from the book, plus sneak peeks at my upcoming Crystal Child series with Harlequin Teen. There will also be a LIVE CHAT hosted by YA Bound at 7:00 PM EDT on January 5th to announce the winners of the grand prize and the giveaways. What a way to kick off 2012!
For book giveaways, my character Abbey Chandler will be sending a SECRET gift with each book. Shhh! She's not telling anyone what it is, not even me. Only the winners will know when they get the package. (She's such a drama queen.)

And the grand prize is named GRAND for a reason. Stay tuned for that. Announcement coming soon!

I love you guys!


  1. :) Looking forward to the tour so much. I am loving this book!

  2. Hey Rhianna--I'm excited too. So glad you are loving my dark angel. The tour stops will be great. Check out the interview with Death, the music stop for a special offer from me, and other fun posts from the characters. And the LIVE chat at the end will be where Trish announces the grand prize winner and other stuff. Very squee-worthy. I think she's going to announce what the grand prize is this week, so stay tuned.

    Jordan Dane