Monday, April 23, 2012

Special Thanks to TLA & YART!

I love the Texas Library Association annual conference & YART, the Young Adult Round Table. The annual conference and TEEN DAY are amazing events that makes me proud to be a Texan. Getting connected with librarians and authors and teen readers is a real plus.

This year for the first time they had a Librarian Tea. We didn't know exactly how the thing would work, only that it was compared to SPEED DATING. A huge room packed with 8-10 librarians at each table and authors got paired up to rotate through a section of tables to meet everyone, pitch our books and chat. If you were a Texas author, you got a special straw cowboy hat to wear - fake moustache optional.

My publisher - Harlequin Teen - did a great job at donating FREE BOOKS for me to sign at severals events focused on the Librarian Tea, the Young Adult Round Table signing and another signing in the exhibit hall of the George R Brown Convention Center.

Rachel Vincent (the amazing Soul Screamer series) joined me as a fellow Harlequin Teen author. It was great to see her again since we were once Okie authors before either of us were published. The gorgeous Rachel is on the right. Pictured with us is Lindsey Cummins in the middle. She'll be an exciting new debut YA author in 2013 to watch out for with HarperCollins Green Willow.

Be sure to check out TLA for upcoming conferences. You won't be sorry you did. It's a real celebration of books.


  1. Hey Jen--TLA is one of my favorite conferences. Thanks to YART for hosting Harlequin Teen.

  2. Great recap Jordan :D I'm so impressed with all the nice things you say about TXLA. I'm ready for next year if you are.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. TLA & YART Teen Day are fast becoming my favorite event. The generoscity of my publisher, Harlequin Teen, to giveaway books to kids & librarians is wonderful too. See you next year.